simulation icon Simulation

In Reality provide bespoke desktop simulators for regulated industries including aerospace, rail, transportation and energy. Our simulators are scenario-driven, developed using serious games technology for procedural training based on specific customer requirements. The simulators can be integrated with SCORM compliant Learning Managements Systems (LMS) and can also run in Virtual Reality (VR).

extended reality icon Extended Reality

We use Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology to create fully interactive and immersive training applications.

Virtual Reality (VR) enables

  • Consistent repeatable training
  • Efficient training scenario replication
  • Practice dangerous scenarios safely
  • Data driven simulation
  • Objective data collection
  • Trainee performance can be digitally recorded and re-played
  • Gamification and Learning Management Systems (LMS) integration

What are the benefits of Virtual Reality(VR) For Training?


  • Knowledge retention
  • Cognitive reinforcement


  • Trainee engagement
  • Effective up-skill or re-skill


  • Training & travel costs
  • Asset/equipment costs

virtual environments icon Virtual Environments

We build complex and realistic 3D synthetic environments which replicate the real world. This allows users to train in a fully synthetic environment without the need to use real assets/equipment which can be expensive, difficult to access and dangerous to operate.

3d modelling icon 3D Modelling

We create high quality complex 3D models using industry recognised tools. We can convert existing high-poly CAD models into high quality rendered 3D models running at 70FPS for VR applications.